sorry kids you’re either going to have to get a job or go to uni
oh but uni’s probably going to cost you more so you’ll need to do both
also we don’t have enough jobs for you

Christine, you must have been dreaming, stories like this can’t come true.

Help me say goodbye…


1. Take his hands, take them by the teeth, because you are something wild, something terrible, and he never knew how to love you in a way that inflamed you, in a way that gnawed at your bones.

2. Are you still trying to swallow the stars? Are you still trying to let the light burn through?

3. I wanted to leave something besides a blood trail, besides prayers growing stale on my tongue. I could give you my body, my flesh, offer it up like a sacrifice, like a banquet. Would it be enough? Could you carve a story from my veins?

4. When your mother tells you about your birth, she says it like myth, like pain and blessings and something pink and precious. She never tells you that you were born angry, with too many teeth.

5. It all adds up to this: the hollow chest, the bruised neck, the shaking hands. Your body, the triumvirate of unholy things.


—Emily Palermo, ix.  (via starredsoul)

Maggie Q for The Hollywood Reporter: The Faces of Fall TV.

"Which is worse? The wolf who cries before eating the lamb or the wolf who does not."

—Leo Tolstoy (via snicketwrites)


favourite character meme ✿ three relationships » [1/3] dean winchester

Wrong place,  w r o n g  t i m e .


You made me kill that woman.


Fangirl challenge | [6/10] friendships

"Booth once told me that you can only love one person the most. I feel that applies to friendship as well. You are that person to me."